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Welcome to the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management

The management of innovations, of new technology development, and new technology portfolios lie at the core of our research and teaching interests. Project management, as the dominant form of organizing for these tasks, plays a fundamental role in our portfolio.

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„Forced Innovation“ with the chance to break routines

Home office under the conditions of corona, according to Prof. Dr. Søren Salomo, falls into the category of "forced innovation". But even a forced innovation experience can provide opportunities for those affected. How the perception of the advantages and disadvantages of home office differs among different groups and changes over the duration of the home office experience is the subject of an international study initiated by colleagues from the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology, which Salomo is supervising for Germany. 1,800 people from different professional fields and age groups participated from Germany between the beginning of the survey in March and its end in mid-June 2020, and about 700 from Austria. The interim results presented here refer to these two groups, who worked under similar conditions.

Home Office Study 2020 - first results




Cultured Meat Student Club Information and Kick-Off


The Chair of Technology and Innovation Management and the Chair of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering plan to establish a student club dedicated to research and promoting the innovative field of cultured meat production. Become part of the future!


October 29, 2020, 17:30


Virtual (Zoom)

Link: Zoom

Meeting-ID: 625 7938 8088

Password: 456068

Further Information:

Cultured meat, or in-vitro production of meat, is expected to dramatically change the way how we produce and consume meat. Requiring only a small fraction of the natural resources compared to conventional meat production, cultured meat can not only reduce the negative environmental consequences of meat production, but also reduce harm to animals to a minimum without giving up on meat consumption.

As part of a collaboration, the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management and the Chair of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering plan to establish a student club dedicated to the subject of cultured meat. The goal of this student club is to explore and research the innovative technologies that are used for producing cultured meat and analyze the future of meat production from both a business and a biotechnological perspective.

We encourage all interested students to participate in this exciting project! This kick-off event will provide an introduction to cultured meat and initiate the student club. The activities of the student club will be defined by the participating students.



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Teaching cooperation:

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Research cooperation: Cooperation between research and practice: For further matters, please write an email to salomo@tu-berlin.de

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