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Advanced Research Seminar on Corporate Innovation Management


The seminar will kick off on November 8th, 4 pm in Room H 7111

>> Please apply for the seminar via ISIS no later than October 30th <<

(In order to do so, please enroll in the course “SE_CorpInno_WiSe2018” first an go to “Registration” to complete the questionnaire)

Seminar Objectives

The seminar aims at introducing students to current topics of corporate innovation management. These topics are approached through a comprehensive literature review performed by the students, with the aim of providing a sound picture of the body of knowledge for each specific topic. Students will learn to perform a systematic literature review, including topic search and ‘snow-balling’. They will have to develop a conceptual understanding of each topic, building on relevant literature, review empirical evidence critically, and discuss central results of past and current research. Performing a critical literature review, creating an understanding of the empirical basis for knowledge generation, and relating individual research results to each other, including discussing compatible and conflicting research results, is central to this seminar. At the end, students will have practiced a literature-based approach to a specific topic of interest, preparing them for understanding research progress and for performing a master thesis.


ISIS course for registration
until 30.10.2018 here
Prüfungsamt / QISPOS
until 30.11.2018

  • Module: Advanced Research Seminar on Corporate Innovation Management
  • Type of examination: Portfolio
  • Credit points: 6 ECTS
  • Examiner: Prof. Salomo 


November 8th, 4 pm, Room H7111: kick-off & introductory session

November 22nd, 4 pm, Room H711: Q&A-session (scope of relevant literature and quality of papers)**

December 6th, 4 pm, Room H7111: Q&A in the process (conceptual ideas for seminar paper)*

January 7th, 4 pm, Room H7111: Q&A in the process (final questions)**

January 13th, 8 pm: Deadline for submitting seminar paper (online)

January 31st & February 1st, whole day, location TBA: Seminar block*,**


* Prof. Søren Salomo

** Paulina Osiak, MSc.

Deliverables and foundations of grading

Seminar paper, max. 15 pages (excluding reference list), 12 pt ‘Calibri’ or ‘Arial’ font, single line-spacing, defined structure: title, abstract (max. 1 page), introduction, [… individual choice…], conclusion with at least one idea clearly derived idea for further research (50% of final grade)

15 minutes presentation to the class on approach and main findings of seminar paper (15%+)

One critical review of fellow student seminar paper with two well-argued positive aspects and two critical questions for further discussion. (10%+)

Active participation in group discussions (15%+)

Sum-up slide (incl. presentation at next event) of presentation and discussion in class, with main issues discussed (10%+)

(xx%+ = in case of achieving extraordinary results, the final grade will be determined to a larger extend by this specific performance aspect)

Potential topics for seminar papers

1.     How to determine innovativeness of a firm?

2.     Determinants of corporate aspiration levels for innovation

3.     Aspiration levels and motivation for innovation

4.     Relationship between previous (or recent) corporate performance and corporate innovation activity

5.     The relationship of resource slack and resource constraints on innovative activities

6.     The influence of the CEO and the top management team on the corporate innovation activities.

7.     Defining corporate innovation strategy

8.     Corporate Innovation and Timing

9.     *Dynamic capabilities and corporate innovation activities (a critical perspective)

10.  *A corporate level perspective on University-Industry Collaboration – characteristics and success

11.  The inertia phenomenon – theoretical explanations and empirical evidence

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